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02_Railway Signalling Installations (New course in English)

Profesor: Julián Martínez Saez

PVP: 683,65 € €
Horas lectivas: 83 h.



Section I. Summary & Railway Signalling Principles

 1.1. Purpose of signalling systems


 1.2. Basic concepts of railway operation


Section II. Interlocking

 2.1 Assembly diagram




 2.2 Interlocking systems




 2.3 Signalling systems associated with switches


 2.4 Lineside signalling sistems



 2.5 Track clear detection systems



 2.6. Route control table




Section III. Block Working Principles

 3.1 Block signalling methods



 3.2 Decentralized automatic block systems 


 3.3 Centralized automatic block systems


 3.4 BLocking layout




Section IV. Signalling Control Centres

 4.1 Signal box




 4.2 Signalling centre




 4.3 Integrated control centre



Section V. Train Protection Systems

 5.1 Signal Announcement and Automatic Braking (ASFA)





 5.2 LZB (linienförmige Zugbeeinflussung)


 5.3 European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS)


 5.4 Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC)


Section VI. Auxiliary facilities

6.1. Trenches, canalization and structural work





 6.2. Signal cabin


 6.3. Swicht heaters




 6.4. Hot axle box & wheel detection




 6.5. Falling object detector



 6.6. Crosswind detector



 6.7. Wheel impact load detection




 6.8. Dynamic behavior of pantograph




Julián Martínez Saez

  • Industrial Engineer by the Technical University of Madrid
  • Executive MBA from the School of Industrial Organization
  • Master New Managers of ESADE
  • Working experience in Soluciona (Norcontrol), Indra, Siemens (Dimetronic) and Renfe / Adif
  • Currently, Deputy Director of Control, Command and Signalling of Adif
  • Collaboration with the Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles on teaching face-to-face courses in Antigua (Guatemala), Caracas (Venezuela) and on-line platform courses "Railway Signalling Course".
  • Experience in managing on-line platforms and e-learning tutor.


The course is divided into 6 sessions, and you will have to complete a questionnaire in each session. 
In order to finish the course, you must complete the tutorised exercise and receive a pass grade from the instructor. 

You will be duly informed before each session opens.

You will access the Moodle platform. 

  •           Access to the student forum, tutor and lessons,
  •           Notification forum,
  •           Supplementary documentation,
  •           Instructor’s curriculum,
  •           Documentation for sessions,
  •           Access to recordings of the classes,
  •           Self-assessment questionnaire, 
  •          Tutorised exercise, 
  •           Course satisfaction survey 

We hope that the course is of interest to you. Please remember that you can contact me at any time to offer any comments, suggestions, or receive help regarding any doubts or matters regarding the course.




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Centro de Formación del Transporte Terrestre

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