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6th Training on High Speed Systems Level II

                                10-14 December 2018, Madrid

                                                                             LEVEL II DRAFT PROGRAM
           High-speed rail (HSR) is not just a single area of exper se, but a   The main objec ve is to provide an indepth and comprehensive insight
           complex  system  combining  wide-ranging  technical  fields  such  as   into  the  high-speed  rail  (HSR)  system  and  to  discuss  and  develop
           infrastructure, rolling stock and opera ons with cross-disciplinary   prac cal HSR projects. Visits to strategic points on a HSR system and
           issues such as finance, business, management, communica on and   onsite discussions will help to anchor the knowledge gained during the
           training.                                            programme.
           Taking these factors into account, and o en within the context of a   INTRODUCTORY MODULE
           challenging economic, poli cal and social climate, managers need to   Introduc on to HSR (summary of basic THSR – Level I):
           make difficult decisions with poten ally far-reaching consequences   Ÿ  ·Poten al in the conven onal network (“incremental rail speeds”)
           in the field of transport in general and in rail transport in par cular.   Ÿ  ·General approach to HSR
           Building and implemen ng a high-speed rail (HSR) is complex due to   Ÿ  ·Overview of HSR systems around the world
           the  numerous  parameters,  different  poten al  combina ons  and   Ÿ  ·High-speed implementa on handbook
           variety of stakeholders involved.
                                                                THEORETICAL SESSIONS
           To  answer  these  ques ons  and  to  sa sfy  the  many  requests  for   Each theore cal session will consist of a presenta on on the several
           comprehensive and unbiased informa on on the subject from its   strategic concepts necessary for HSR project development. There will be
           own  members  as  well  as  consultancy  firms,  ministries,  railway   at  least  one  30-minute  presenta on  on  each  topic.  The  strategic
           companies, etc., UIC launched a dedicated course in 2004: Training   subjects are:
           on High-Speed Rail systems (THSR).                   Ÿ  Environment. Presenta on of UIC research on the contribu on of
           Since then, more than 700 trainees have taken part in these annual   HSR to sustainable mobility and carbon balance.
                                                                Ÿ  Sta ons for HSR systems. Presenta on of UIC research on HSR and
           sessions in order to learn and to share their experience with us (UIC
           members). The 14th session of the Level I programme will be held in   ci es.
                                                                Ÿ  Traffic forecas ng. Basic principles of modelling and its applica on
           Paris in April 2018. Based on feedback from past par cipants, and at   to HSR prospec ng.
           the  request  of  UIC  members,  we  introduced  a  second  level  of   Ÿ  Standards  for  HSR  systems.  Requirements,  defini ons,  different
           training  in  2012.  The  second-level  programme  focuses  on  more   types of standards, various “families” of rail standards.
           indepth, specific elements of HSR, with a par cular emphasis on   Ÿ  Other fundamental values for HSR projects.
           theore cal aspects of fundamental issues (standards, environment,   -  Basic principles for comprehensive planning and processes for
           modelling, etc.) and a more prac cal approach.            HSR project development.
           The second-level programme pays par cular a en on to analysis   -  Fundamental elements of HSR (safety, security, RAMS [reliability,
           and discussion of prac cal cases, which can prove beneficial when   availability,  maintainability  and  safety],  quality,  management,
                                                                    lifecycle costs, etc.), integra on concepts.
           making  decisions  in  prac ce.  A  series  of  technical  visits
           complements the course programme. The 6th edi on of THSR Level
                                                                CASE STUDIES
           II will be held in Spain in December 2018.
                                                                During  the  training,  and  on  an  alterna ng  basis  with  the  various
                                                                theore cal  sessions,  par cipants  will  be  divided  into  groups  of  five
                                                                (maximum) to develop and discuss a real example of a HSR project, led
           This programme is aimed at professionals already involved in HSR
                                                                by a supervisor.
           processes or who are likely to become involved in HSR in the near
           future. Par cipants come from a variety of backgrounds: railway   In this prac cal exercise, par cipants will go through each of the steps
           companies  or  ministries,  local  authori es,  universi es,  advisory   required  to  define  and  plan  a  real  HSR  project,  right  up  to  final
           bodies, agencies or associa ons, industry, banks, etc. They may be   configura on of basic parameters and implementa on of ac ons. The
                                                                training  session  will  conclude  with  a  presenta on  and  final  group
           managers,  strategy  experts,  decision  makers,  economists,   discussion.
           engineers, etc.
                                                                Each  group  par cipant  will  take  on  a  different  role  (operator,
                                                                infrastructure  manager,  government)  and  will  develop  the  various
           Ÿ  The  seminar  is  targeted  towards  all  those  in  search  of  a   ac ons required. The session will conclude with a plenary discussion to
                                                                compare the various solu ons.
             comprehensive overview of HSR systems.
           Ÿ  Seminar par cipants do not need in-depth knowledge of any   THSR II par cipants will have an opportunity to use the HIGH-SPEED
             specific subject rela ng to HSR.                    PLANNER as part of their training to simulate a real HSR project. The
           Ÿ  A endance at all sessions is mandatory.           HIGH-SPEED  PLANNER  is  a  didac c  and  dynamic  tool,  specifically
           Ÿ  Previous  a endance  of  THSR  Level  I  is  recommended  for   designed for use as a complement during training on HSR. It enables
             par cipa on in Level II but is not a prerequisite.  users to develop hypotheses considering the main parameters to be
                                                                implemented in every HSR project. All of the key elements (social,
                                                                economic and environmental) will be analysed to facilitate decision-
                                                                making and to visualise the resul ng outcomes.
          LANGUAGE. The training session will be held in English.
          PRICE LEVEL II. 1600 €                                TECHNICAL VISITS
          30% discount for the par cipants in Level I 2018. Special fare for UIC – HSR members  In  partnership  with  Renfe,  ADIF  and  other  stakeholders,  a  series  of
          The organizer is in charges of the logis cs for the training session. Fee includes: all training   technical  visits  will  be  organised  to  complement  the  theore cal
          sessions, full working documents, technical visits and lunches. Not included: Travel to and   knowledge  gained  and  the  various  parameters  examined  during  the
          from Madrid, accommoda on and dinners.                prac cal case study.
          REGISTRATION. Register online via the UIC website:    The training seminar will be held in Madrid, with a number of technical
          h ps://  visits in different ci es. Informa on will be provided well in advance, and
                                                                our team of organisers will take care of all the logis cs.
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